Juggernaut Or Not: Card Games To Select From

Cards is an ancient pastime that over the ages has only picked up popularity and fans. During childhood simple games such as War are explained and then used as a learning tools for helping totters appreciate the world of numbers. As people grow up they begin to play more complicated games that rely on strategy and skill to determine outcome. I have surveyed some of the more popular ones and compiled a list of the toughest and the easiest to learn.

Snap Your Fingers, Soak Them Up:
1) Full and Complete Attack
Based on simple arithmetic, this game using all the 52 cards (including as many jokers as you wish), is one of the all time favorites of children. Neither does it need any strategy nor does it require any particular skill! Full and Complete Attack is generally the first game that children are taught because it not only improves their numerical skills, but adds enjoyment and action to this process.

2) Liar:
Here, all cards lower than eight are removed from the deck, and then seven cards are dealt. The remainder is placed down and one card is placed face-up. According to that card, the player in turn places cards facing down on top of that card. He has to state what card it is, but he can lie. If someone thinks is has lied, they can challenge him and reveal the card. If the player lied, he has to pick up all the cards, if not the challenger does the honors. The goal is to finish all the cards in your hand.

3) Johnny 5:
Johnny 5 is a little more difficult then the first to games but still is very simple to learn. Each player is dealt 5 cards. The left over cards are placed in the center of the table face down the player to the dealers left the may put down a pair of cards or a r 3 card run of cards. If you do not have any the player must take a card. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards and to have you last one or 2 cards total 5.

4) Joining the Fray:
One of the more entertaining games (especially for children), it requires basic colour and number combinatory skills only. You have to match numbers such as by collecting all fours and all aces, and then release all your cards onto the game deck. The focus of this game is not that much on winning, but on not losing and that is what adds the extra spice to it. It does not matter who throws his cards down first, but the player who notices it last and his cards are the last to hit the table: loses.

List of Most Difficult Games to Learn
1) Bridge:
An old but still popular game, here, you partner with someone and decide before playing how many hands you will win. The complexity of bridge lies not in the rules, which are relatively easy to pick up, but in the intricate game plans and maneuvers one has to master to play well.

2) Dragon Poker:
Dragon Poker is not totally unlike poker. Any of the different variations of poker can be used as the base for the game, but the general rules are very different. There are no official rules for dragon poker, they must be thought up and written down by the group of people you are playing with, and it is the duty of each player to memorize the rules, if you forget a rule it goes against you and if someone else does not remember a rule that can hurt you, do not worry you do not have to remind them. The best games have the most rules. An example of a rule can be if the date ends in an odd number and the dealer is wearing a shirt that the color of the shits spelling is an even number, then each player must pay the dealer 100 dollars. This rule can only be used once and whoever is the first to call out the rule during their deal gets it.

3) Baccarat:
Just like in poker, you have to study and memorize the value of certain cards such as that tens and face cards (Jack to King including Ace) are zero. In addition, you need to learn specific rules such as that if you get an eight or nine no more cards are dealt. To conclude, this game is not for beginners.

Electronic Editions Of Board Games

Many of the classic board games are easily adapted so that they can be played in a number of ways. Computer games are so advanced these days that pretty much anything can be played on one. Video games as well can have the option of allowing players to find classic games on these systems. One of the greatest things about these electronic editions of classic board games is that it can allow multiplayer options without needing those players to actually be present. Through networking and the Internet, anyone can play games with people from all around the world.

Monopoly, Clue, and Risk are three of the biggest board games which have found life through computer games and the Internet. All of these games can be found with electronic editions that will allow you to connect with other players over the Internet and play a highly competitive game with people that you may have never even met. They all have options as well which allow you to play against the computer, meaning that you do not need any other people to actually be present in order to enjoy the board game.

This can be a great feature for killing some time in an enjoyable way. Traditionally, the only way to play any of those games was with a group of people and since that can often be harder to organize than one would immediately think, the option to play against some computer opponents can allow you to enjoy the fun of Monopoly, Risk, or Clue at any time that you wish.

Those aren’t the only three games available with computer play, though. Chess was one of the earliest games adapted to the computer and any number of editions of chess can be found for a player. Chess against the computer can actually be one of the hardest games available, as well as one of the most addictive. Playing against a computer has actually been one of the features of many different chess tournaments, trying to figure out once and for all how well the computer chess systems were written. (It actually turns out that most of the best players in the world can beat some of the hardest computer systems for while the computers can calculate every possibility in the world, they are not so good at handling the random aspects of a game and planning for a change of tactics.)

Networking with others on the Internet to play these board games can actually be a great way to make some new friends as well. Playing a great game with someone can raise a lot of camaraderie between people and when you are looking for a good game in the future, you might be able to find it again with the person you played in the past. After finding a good opponent with them and playing a number of games, you may find that you actually have more in common than just a love of games. In this way, electronic board games can actually benefit you in more ways than just one!

A Brief Outline Of The Tapestry Arts From Around The World.

Throughout the world, tapestry collections have captivated small and large audiences alike. Artists have historically found many of their works transformed into the tapestry medium, allowing for not only a greater widespread appreciation of their work, but for new and exciting interpretations to emerge around the vivid use of color and the complex textural attributes inherent in the extraordinary weavings.

The appeal of such collections is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. Tapestries have been commissioned for ages as a means of expression. Some tapestries have focused on the powerful nature of religious beliefs, while others have been centered around abstract symbolism representing the lifestyles, culture, traditions and celebrations of the periods during which they were conceived. These original tapestry collections have found their way into museums throughout the world and are highly revered in the art community.

The Lure of Medieval Tapestry Collections
Perhaps some of the most significant tapestries that connoisseurs have honored are the wide-ranging weavings undertaken during medieval times. These intricate and delicate collections have managed to withstand the test of time — both physically and figuratively — in such a way as to secure prominent positions in art history.

Some of the more well-known tapestry collections around the world have incorporated unicorns into their designs. Unicorns have been used throughout history to symbolize a range of concepts and emotions many of which were based on religious experiences and beliefs, elements of human nature, or a combination of these attributes. Among the most famous of these is the Lady and the Unicorn series on display at the Cluny Museum in Paris, France. This valued collection employs the use of unicorns to visually represent various human senses, such as smell, sight and touch.

Another exquisite tapestry collection involving unicorns resides in New York City at the Cloisters Museum. The series, entitled La Chasse de la Licorne, dates back to 16th century France and includes intricate and esoteric pieces such as LiCorne a la Fontaine and LiCorne Captive. These multi-faceted weavings provide an abstract suggestion of the unicorn’s healing powers (particularly with regard to the unicorn’s horn), which was a widely-held belief during the Middle Ages. The unicorns also symbolized many significant religious beliefs during the Medieval period, particularly with regard to the turmoil endured by Christ, as well as the age-old conflict between good and evil — and between purity and corruption.

Shrouded in Mystery — The Bayeux Tapestry
One of the more enigmatic and widely-recognized tapestry works is that of the Bayeux Tapestry, which dates back to the 11th century. This impressive piece is not actually a collection of tapestries at all. Rather, it is a single massive embroidery that spans more than 70 meters and depicts the Battle of Hastings as fought by William the Conqueror in 1066. The work is often viewed as a collection”, in that those who have reproduced it have typically split it into sections which focus on many of the highlights of the overall story.

The exact origins of the Bayeux Tapestry have provided much fodder for historians who have sought to unravel the mystery of its development: the first historical reference to the tapestry emerged in 1476, long after the work is believed to have been commissioned. In addition, the tapestry managed to endure significant abuse throughout its 900-year history, and the fact that very little documentation exists to explain how it has managed to survive all these years has only further contributed to the its mysterious appeal. The full-length original is now housed within a specially-designed museum in the Medieval town of Bayeux in France.

A Different Approach William Morris Tapestries
While Medieval tapestry collections have provided art historians with an abundance of presentations to appreciate, modern approaches to tapestry art have been signified in part by the compelling works of William Morris. Morris’ company was founded in 1861 and established itself as the premiere outfit for the design and production of high-quality tapestries (as well as other art forms).

Morris believed deeply in the uniqueness of the artistic expression, and this individuality shines through in every piece which has his name attached to it. One of the more popular pieces, entitled Ehret Die Frauen, is on display at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, England. This piece offers a striking combination of colors developed under 20th century weaving techniques.

Other famous Morris tapestries include the Forest — a detailed, peacock-themed work which currently resides in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Tree of Life, Flora and Woodpecker tapestries.

Tapestry Collections Continue to Inspire
Many of the tapestry collections that have gain prominence in the art community originated during Medieval times. However, tapestries have inspired artists throughout history to continue in the development of new and exciting forms of artistic expression. While touching on a few well-known tapestry collections here, it should be noted that a plethora of additional tapestries are spread throughout the world and continue to inspire and influence the art community worldwide.

Community Mental Health

People suffering from mental health problems often need a lot of support and understanding in order to be able to cope with their lives. Most people experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression will speak to their doctor in the first instance and many will find that is all that’s required. However, for more serious or complex forms of mental health problems or when there are additional factors or difficulties involved, they may be referred by their doctor to other professionals or support workers within the local community mental health team.

The community mental health team consists of a number of professionals who are trained in their specific areas and can include psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and of course the community psychiatric nurse or CPN. Some specific problems or issues that can arise in addition to existing mental health problems or which can exacerbate or trigger mental health problems and which might need extra consideration include:

Financial problems
Physical disabilities
Housing issues
Divorce or relationship problems
Childcare issues

Certain kinds of mental health problems may result in different needs and may therefore require some specialist help to deal with and these can include:

Elderly depression and dementia
Child or Teen depression
Postnatal depression
Bipolar disorder

Obviously, finding one person fully qualified and skilled in all of these areas just isn’t possible so the community mental health team work together in order to ensure that the best advice and support is available as many of the professionals involved will be trained in specialist areas that allow them to offer a better service to people suffering from specific problems. So what sort of people make up the mental health team?


Patients can be referred to a psychiatrist by their doctor. After an initial assessment, the psychiatrist will recommend a suitable course of treatment and medication. If a mental health problem is particularly severe then they are also able to recommend that the individual be detained in hospital for a period of time. However, this is a last resort and also requires the approval of another doctor and a social worker who all agree that this is the best option for an individual concerned either for the individual’s safety or for the safety of others.


Psychologists have an understanding of human behaviour, emotions and how the mind works and although they cannot prescribe medication they can offer various types of psychological therapies. Patients can be referred to them by the doctor or other members of the community health team.

The Key Worker

People suffering from mental health problems will usually be assigned a key worker, which can be anyone in the community mental health team. The key worker ensures that the individual gets the right kind of help that they need. They will regularly assess the progress of an individual and report back to the rest of the team.

Community Psychiatric Nurse or CPN

The key worker will often be a CPN who will usually make regular visits to people with mental health problems in their own homes. They offer an important lifeline for people who are feeling isolated and alone with their mental health problems or who are experiencing particular difficulties. They are aware of the many issues surrounding mental health and can listen as well as help people talk through their problems in a setting in which they feel comfortable.

The CPN will liaise with and work closely with other members of the team to make sure that any practical support and assistance is offered when needed. They will assess the individual regularly and will discuss with them the effectiveness of their medication and any side effects they might be experiencing. The family and loved ones of a person suffering from mental health problems often need additional support in order to understand mental illness and to be able to cope with it, the CPN can offer practical advice and guidance.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists help individuals to cope with practical issues on a day to day basis in areas such as dressing, toileting and feeding themselves and can help individuals regain some control of their lives.

Social workers

Social workers can ensure that an individual gets access to various social services that will improve their quality of life and that they may be entitled to such as home help, respite care and perhaps admission to day or residential centres. They can also offer assistance in dealing with housing needs, financial difficulties or other social problems.

The best care

Many other people can be involved in the community mental health team including various support workers, therapists, counsellors, and of course loved ones. Together they all make sure that the individual suffering from mental illness gets the best care possible. Each team member can make a valuable contribution to the individual’s quality of life and can help them not only to cope with their illness on a day to day basis but to regain control over their lives and integrate with the rest of the community in a positive and productive way.

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How To Inform If It Is The Very Best Seattle Car Insurance Business

The most usual accidents include motor vehicles. That is why vehicle insurance policies are important. A Seattle finest vehicle insurance company can assist you with your demands. But how do you find the very best ones in Seattle? Just how can you say to if it’s the best auto insurance company that Seattle has? Keep reading to find out some really great tips that could possibly tell you all about the finest insurance providers in the area.

What you should seek an insurance business is its capacity to provide you with everything that you have to protect your vehicle. A lot of insurance business offer corrected insurances package deals that every customer can get. What the best vehicle insurance firm does is to provide their insurance items the method their clients would like it. They could tweak a much more tailored kind of insurance for a particular owner’s motor vehicle. This way, you can decide on which insurance add-ons to be featured in your plan. Use this link for more info.: best term life insurance companies

When choosing for the right prepare for your automobile, it is extremely suggested to find the most affordable however most reputable insurers. There are hundreds of auto insurance companies available that you can choose from. Nevertheless, there are simply couple of that can offer excellent plans at very cost effective prices. If you could find one, better seize the day to secure your car with it. You could hardly ever discover business that offer very low prices with their top quality services.

Among the most important points you need to think about is locating an accredited insurance firm. You require to make purchases simply with companies that are legitimately enabled to do company. Otherwise, your plan would certainly somehow be jeopardized. Firms that have the state’s approval to operate are entirely safe to reputable your car’s insurance policy to.

Apart from authenticity of its procedure, also consider the people who help the business. Ensure that the business could give you with workers which are extremely skilled and well-informed in the field. They need to be proficient enough to handle your needs. Apart from those requirements, additionally take into consideration the experience of the insurance representatives and the entire company all at once.

Locate a Seattle vehicle insurance company with the most completely satisfied clients. It is very important for the business to get a great responses from their clients. Exceptional feedbacks will only reveal that the company has actually served their customers with complete fulfillment. If most of the people they have provided insurance policies with were pleased with their services, you will certainly more than likely manage to obtain the very same great services also.

If you discover it hard to seek the perfect insurance coverage carrier for you, you can acquire the assistance of some insurance companies. Their professional solutions could see to it that you acquire an excellent policy in a snap. In this manner you could save considerably of your time and money searching for different companies in your area. These firms typically learn about the styles in auto insurance plans. They have large connections in the market so they would have the ability to refer you to the plan service provider that matches with your standards.

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Hints On Creating A Business.


Solve the economic problems in France by the creation of mini enterprises.

The author of this article is an ex-patriot Briton who has lived in France for thirty years but has never truly adapted to the Gallic mentality of the welfare state.

In France where I live there is a lot of talk about the cost of living. There is more talk about the length of the working week. There is even more talk about the length of one’s working life.The thing is the cost of living does go up. The answer is not to bring it down. It’s to earn more money. Everything is relative.Some years ago the government reduced the working week to thirty five hours. The worker became very competitive. But he didn’t earn any more money. He just had more time on his hands with no money to enjoy it better. Today a man can hope to live to perhaps eighty years of age. Most people here officially retire at sixty and actually stop working around fifty five to fifty seven. That means a longer retirement with even less money to spend.What needs to be done is to re-define work and income. In the minds of most people income is related to the hours of work done. Well and good, but there is a limit on the number of hours one can work and there is also a limit on what the market can bear in the way of salaries.The answer of course is to have an extra source of income. Writing is a good example. It costs nothing to write a book except time. Mind you, the chance of actually making any money is slight.

The Ideal Business

Another way is to start a business. How should we define what today is the ideal business?If the person concerned wishes to start a business to earn extra income he certainly doesn’t want to lose a lot of money. Neither does he want to add the stresses and strains of corporate management.

Let us take a group of men and women for example. It is always better to work with like minded people. So our future businessman or woman should look around him for positive minded people with the same ideas. One is usually surrounded by people with negative ideas and negative advice. We are going to imagine that these future businessmen and women are already successful in their own fields such as computer engineering and real estate and various other areas. This is very important. If one is going to undertake a project it’s always better to associate with successful people; maybe they don’t want you, but you need them. Now, while remaining independent, they will join together to use their combined force and that of new technologies such as internet to cover the globe in a new venture. I believe the word now used is to create synergy.

Convinced today that the need is to have multiple mini enterprises connected in a global strategy with a common aim they would join with a powerful multi-national. Why? Because they do not want to be involved in the production, stock, research, shipping and the myriad of other tasks that are involved in marketing that have to be done. Somebody has to do it certainly. That though should not be the job of the small start up business. There could be other ways, but that is the least complicated choice. The difficulty is to find the reliable company with the perfect track record, the unique product and the ability to pay one for the results obtained. Five or six intelligent people with much past experience can do this. The corporation will therefore be responsible for the creation, development and worldwide distribution of the products concerned. The French group develops business contacts that in their turn create the markets in their respective countries.

Today the ideal mini business should be no more than a computer, a cell-phone, and a bank account. It should have very limited stock or even none. It should have no salaried employees. It should have no rent to pay for offices. The investment should be minimal; certainly less than the creator’s monthly salary. It should also function along with whatever other activity is currently being practiced.

The project should meet all of the above. There might be slight variations depending on the country concerned and the commitment of the future associate.

A knowledge of English is necessary, the use of Skype for communications advisable. It is almost impossible today to develop internationally without English. Also personal communications between the associates is essential. Skype or some other system provides the means of a cost free service. Nobody can seriously develop a business worldwide without its use.

Another requirement of a good business is to have an unlimited income potential. While nothing is guaranteed in business there should be the possibility of very great financial gain. The group and the parent company should provide training all along the way. At each stage of the upward development of the business the appropriate training would be given, either locally or in the new associates region. This of course being backed up by contacts on Skype etc.

How To Study As An Adult Learner – Part 1 Of 4

With the fast changing pace of the knowledge economy it has become a crucial factor to upgrade and update your academic qualification.

Nowadays there are many credible private institutions that offer academic courses that are tailored to meet the demands of the various industries. These courses are specially structured to keep the adult learner in mind and range from professional certificates to doctoral programs. Many of these courses are challenging and demands from the adult learner time, effort and lots of concentration.

However if you are a working adult you will find it a tremendous challenge balancing academic advancement on the one hand and managing your career and family life on the other. Malcolm Knowles (1978) an advocate of the concept of androgogy (adult learning) describes adult learners as a ‘neglected species’. This is indeed an astute observation and true in principle. Although there are many well researched books on helping children cope with their studies, this is a far cry when it comes to adult learners. It is assumed most of the time that adult learners will find it easier to learn because they are adults and thus better placed to cope with their academic studies. This consensus is indeed a fallacy as adults perhaps more than children require assistance in coping with their studies.

Having had the experience of lecturing primarily adult learners for the past 17 years, I’ve come to observe that many adult learners have real difficulties in effectively coping with the progressively increasing demands of the academic studies especially when they have to juggle their academic advancement with their other obligations. Worst are some students who end up having to leave their career just so that they can complete their studies without distraction and at the same time being uncertain as to whether they’ve made the right move. I’ve even had cases where the pursuit of academic studies has ended in divorce as the spouse of the adult learner feels unable to cope with his/her other half having to go through the turmoil of balancing family relationship with studies.

If you are an adult learner it is important to understand that the way you perceive and process information is very different from that of a child. Another advocate of adult learner theory, David Kolb (1984) suggested that all learning is fundamentally ‘re-learning’. Adult education is very much in tune with this observation. As adults we already have a body of knowledge that has been gained through our education system, career and personal experiences. Sometimes these experiences disrupt the pursuit of new knowledge as we might be entrenched in our own paradigm and ways of thinking. It is not an easy process to break away from this pre-existing paradigm and learn something new. To do so would require a shift in the paradigm and this would entail a better understanding of how we absorb information as adult learners.

In comparison, children have to be directed to the learning process and they absorb information differently than adults. Adults have to be self-directed in their learning process. Unlike the child where the teacher has to ‘teach’ the child on the fundamentals of their studies, adult learners have to be self-driven and self-motivated to ‘learn’ what is imparted to them by their lecturers. Also adults learn best when the information they gather are inherently useful to their everyday life. This is where the challenge lies. Sometimes the adult learner is unable to relate the concepts taught to their everyday life as they are trying to remember chunks and chunks of information without attempting to make a co-relation of the theoretical concepts to practical purpose. When this happen de-motivation sets in and leads to loss of interest in the studies.

In my experience I’ve come to notice that only those adult learners who are mentally and emotionally prepared to take on the onslaught of academic advancement are the ones that eventually succeed. This is easier said than done. Balancing varying responsibilities is never an easy thing. However, if you are an adult learner and you have invested money in upgrading your education, you will have to apply a few learning strategies that will help you see through your studies successfully.

The Evolution Of The Air Taser

The stun gun has gone through several editions, each one using advanced technology to increase the capabilities of this self defense weapon preferred by most people worldwide.

Indeed, today’s handheld electroshock weapons have come a long way from the earliest prototypes first developed in the 1960s.

Origins of the Stun Gun

It was an aerospace engineer that originally came up with the idea of creating a small propellant device that would emit a pair of projectiles. The projectiles looked more like barbed darts attached to wires coming out of a flashlight case. This first prototype was dubbed the Taser TF-76. The shock from these early devices was hardly more than enough to simply surprise a recalcitrant in the hopes that he would behave better.

The devices gained in popularity and Jack Cover, the engineer, soon started his own production company. Because it was considered a Title 2 weapon by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms division of the United States government, the Taser was only allowed to be used by law enforcement agents. Since this was such a limited market, it was not long before Cover’s company was forced to close its doors.

The Modern Stun Gun

The Taser would have faded into history if it were not for a pair of Arizona brothers who sought to revamp the weapon and make it available to the average consumer in mass markets.

Along with Jack Cover, the Smith brothers of Scottsdale came up with a new design that involved compressed air as the impetus for the darts in the cylinder. They called this new model the Air Taser 34000. The key differences were the propellant and the projectiles, which were composed of Anti-Felon Identification Confetti to aid in police tracking efforts.

The Air Taser was demonstrated at a conference in Prague. Unfortunately, it failed the test of law enforcement officials miserably as the jolt from the device was deemed not strong enough to stop an assailant. Thus the next incarnation of the stun gun came about.

The brothers and Cover went back to the drawing board and came up with a new way to deliver a stronger electric shock. This more potent shock would cause muscles to seize up, thereby rendering most assailants temporarily immobile. The Taser M18 and M26 stun guns quickly became a hit. Because it was non-lethal, these weapons were a perfect alternative to guns for many security personnel as well as law enforcement agents.

There have been many more versions of the original electroshock weapon created by Jack Cover decades ago. The shape has changed, the devices have become lighter, and advancing technology has allowed for a greater bang for the buck.

Today’s stun guns are sophisticated, non-lethal weapons that the average consumer can feel safe carrying for personal protection. Check out the available options on today’s market and find a self-defense device that is perfect for your needs.

The All-You-Need-To-Know Guide To Choosing a Hotel in Brenham, TX

Texas is a huge state known for its tough attitude, southern charm, diverse landscapes, cowboys, and much more. Living in or around Texas provides you with many opportunities to escape the daily drudgery and stresses of everyday living by taking trips to other beautiful parts of the state. One location to escape to is Brenham, Texas. Brenham offers you the classic experiences most people imagine when contemplating what Texas could be like. Small towns with mom and pop shops, craft fairs, antique shows, wineries, ranches, and quaint bed and breakfasts await. Many trips can be done in a day, but where can you stay when you do stay overnight? There are many hotels to choose from, among other lodging options. Here is your all-you-need-to-know guide to choosing a hotel in Brenham, TX.

1. Comfort Suites in Brenham

Located at 2350 S. Day street, this hotel has a unique design that many guests enjoy. Complete with all the standard amenities from home, you will feel comfortable escaping and exploring Brenham while enjoying all the basic necessities from home.

2. Knights Inn

If you are an animal lover and looking to bring your furry best friend along with you, Knights Inn located at 201 Hwy. 290 East is the place for you. They are pet friendly, offer high speed internet, and even have a pool you can enjoy after indulging in a free continental breakfast.

3. Hampton Inn and Suites

For larger and more spacious suites, Hampton Inn, located at 2605 Schulte Boulevard, is your best bet. They offer large king and queen size beds, extra comfortable bedding, large tv’s for staying inside and enjoying movies, fridges, coffee makers, and high speed internet. Along with the basic amenities, they also provide a hot tub and fitness center for those who want to keep up with their workout routine.

4. La Quinta Inn and Suites

If you are definitely not a smoker, visit the non smoking only La Quinta at 2950 Wood Ridge Boulevard. They have 61 rooms with access to all the basic amenities as well as an indoor pool and spa. This location is especially close to places to shop and eat.

5. Super 8 Brenham Inn

This location is perfect for families or business men/women alike. Located at 2209 Hwy 290 East, the Super 8 has everything you need to stay connected as well as a continental breakfast to boost your morning.

6. Coach Light Inn

For those planning to find lodging at the lowest rate possible, Coach Light Inn is your place. They offer queen size beds, large TV’s with cable, and internet connectivity. Located at 2242 S. Market St, this Inn is a great spot to plan your Brenham festivities while saving money.

7. Non-hotel Lodging

Would you like to upgrade your stay? There are plenty of Bed and Breakfast locations for romantic get-a-ways as well as more unique Inn’s and Suites to try. Country Butler provides many different ranch style lodging options and family vacation rentals. The Eberly Ranch can fit larger families on its real working ranch with1300 acres of land perfectly suited for fans of nature and beautiful scenery.